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April 24, 2018

From jail and prison chapels around New England, to store front missions in Kentucky; From summer camps in Canada to the indigenous community that lives in the Quito, Ecuador city dump;  from an orphanage in Juarez, Mexico to pastors’ conferences in South Carolina; from the Crow reservation in Montana to the streets of Santo Domingo, DR, and from taking  part in Children's Day celebrations in Asuncion, Paraguay, to performing in a women's prison high in the Andes mountains, the Supreme Court Jesters have been bringing their creative Gospel program everywhere the Lord has opened doors for over 30 years.





PLEASE NOTE:  We have discontinued our land line. All our other contact information is still the same.  By phone, you can reach us at:  (207)632-5307..


The message was life changing." - adult audience member

Thank you so much for including us on your performance trip again this year. Your ministry is so unique and such a blessing and a joy to our students (and staff J). -The Fold Family Ministries, Lyndonville, VT.

"I was so really impressed with your show.  I thought God was impressed, too."    -prison inmate

The church was alive with oohs and aahs for over an hour as these talented people performed their magic. This was truly a delightful morning for all attending." -Biddeford, ME. Journal, Religion page

"They deliver breathtaking juggling and magic tricks that also tell the value of human life." -"Church World" 5/26/2005

"Your closing remarks on God's grace were especially moving.  Some were even crying.  As you know, this is a population that feels pretty beat up and / or abandoned.  Your coming (to the prison) countered these messages."  - Prison chaplain


Thank you for coming to the prison yesterday.  The women really appreciated your coming and being with them . I was impressed with how engaged with you and attentive with you they were. Everyone on the unit participated and were engaged along the way.  It was a treat they don't often get.  - prison chaplain


Upcoming Appearances of The Supreme Court Jesters
4/28/2018 9:00 AM Out of the Darkness Walk a thon
4/29/2018 10:00 AM No. Baldwin Baptist
5/4/2018 6:00 PM Court St. Baptist, Auburn
5/6/2018 10:00 AM Casco Alliance Church
5/18/2018 6:00 PM Hill Top Baptist

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I know the conditions were not great (snow and windy) but you would never know that by your performance. You are the best." -Exec. Dir., Carroll County, NH ASPCA 

It is wonderful to have a fresh approach to faith that can touch them in new ways.  And they certainly grasped that faith does not have to be stuffy or boring. - Chaplain, Maine State Prison

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