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May 18, 2022
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Please check the below calendar of events to see when The Supreme Court Jesters will be appearing in your area. Also, use this schedule as a prayer guide for their programs. If you would like to make arrangements to have them present the good news of Jesus Christ, please contact them at the phone numbers or via email as shown on the bottom of each page or make use of our Contact and Feedback form.

"You did an amazing job and were great examples of Jesus." -AG Pastor

 "You are my favorite juggling act... you add a dynamic to our chapel ministry here that no one else can do." -Chaplain of Youth Offenders' Facility 

       "Love it when God's people are out encouraging in all circumstances!!!! Thanks again!"  -PTA President


"It was a pleasure hosting you in our school. The children enjoyed the time you interacted with them and wished you would come back.The routines were just amazing."  - School Headmaster, Kampala, Uganda

"That was a great change up night for our youth group. Thank you and your crew for a fun way of getting Jesus across" -Youth group leader

"Thank you SO very much for the time, preparation, thoughtfulness, and truth you shared with our kids during "The Missing Piece" VBS over the last week.  It was such a joy to see their faces light up with excitement and awe.  Your ability to weave life-changing, salvation-focused truth through your God-given gifts is evidence of a life committed to sharing God's love and eternal gift found in Jesus.  You are humble and inspiring.  My children LOVED the message and the method. "  - church member