“Go and make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Teach them to observe all things that I have commanded you.  And remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” - Matthew 28:19-20

We believe that we have been called to use the gifts God has given us to reach unbelievers for Him and to encourage, and build up His Church.

Where Did That Come From

When I arrived at the Market Square Health Care Center in South Paris, Maine, the sun was shining and the activity staff and I agreed that an outdoor show in their courtyard would be much better than a show in their low-ceilinged, very hot activity room.  I set up under an oak tree in front of their picnic shelter.  This gave me some shade, the audience plenty of cover,and there was room outside the limbs of the oak when I needed more space for high throws.  Everything was Perfect.

10 minutes into the show, we bagan to hear thunder rumbling in the distance.  20 minutes in, the sky was black, and an unexpected downpour flooded out of the sky.  While the audience was dry, my props were mostly exposed tothe weather.  I scrambled to bring my tables under the shelter, starting, obviously, with my i-pod and speaker.  

After getting things as secured as possible, I pressed on with the show.  By this point, though, the thunder stormwas literally on top of us,and the audience was more entranced by that than my routines.  The thunder was so loud for a few minutes that my patter couldn't be heard.  Then,as the rain got heavier still, a newlyformed river came running through the picnic shelter.  I was upto my ankles in rain water.  Between that and the wind, I simply could not juggle my cigar boxes at all.

Idetermined right then that I would notlet this keep me from presenting the Gospel.  I prayed to stay focused on the message and deal with any water damage to my props later.  I did the routines based on the Ressurection as well as the cut and restored rope in which I review the key points of the Gospel.  By then the thunder had faded into the distance and Ihad the audience's attention once again.  How much they got out of it, I'm not sure,but I know I handled the situation way better than I would have in the past.

After getting home and wiping down all my equipment, onlya few things were damaged:  The coloring book trick (of which I have a couple back ups)  and the picture of Jesus I used in the ressurection account.  It was drawn in water soluble ink and the rain caused it to run.  He now looked like a Picasso!  Fortunately, my wife has a Cricut and was able to print a more permantent (and better) picture and apply it to a canvas in time for my next show.

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A Few Testimonies

The presentation was fun and encouraging... The gospel message was clear and encouraging. I purchased your book and just finished it. Your scope is broad and again encouraging. May God continue to bless your ministry. I will encourage others to read your book. -Parishioner of a local church

"Hey, I  wanted to say that was a great message in chapel today! It touched something:) thanks for doing it!" -High School Student  

"We are so grateful that you brought your amazing ministry back to our church this year... The Gospel message you bring applies to all!  It is such a positive, valuable work that you do."  -Coordinator of Christian Ed. UCC Church

"There's no questioning it. This is powerful stuff. It's extremely touching at times, never less than entertaining, and I see a lot of sincere love for Jesus in you guys."  -Dwight Lilies, song writer

The Lord has given you a wonderful window through which to present the Gospel!   - Field Director of Alliance Missions to Paraguay

"What a wonderful ministry to both children and adults.  In past years it has been a struggle to arrange programing that would hold the attention of all ages, but also challenge each heart with God's gift of Salvation.  Thank you for sharing your ministry."  -Sunday School Sup't.

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